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Succession & Estate Planning

Experienced succession lawyer for Wills, Probate & Administration.
Also talk to us about trusts, LLPs and any other family investment vehicles for estate planning.


Drafting Wills

KES 36,000 for Simple Last Will
Increased Flat Fees for Complex Will

Don’t let culture fracture your family.  A will allows you to avoid the uncertainty and the inherently disputatious intestate succession legal process that comes into play when you die without a will. Estate planning is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. Let Koya & Co. draft your will while still alive to avoid foreseeable and unforeseeable disputes over inheritance of your estate. We make sure that the bequests you make are legally drafted and in keeping with the latest precedents under law and assure your peace of mind – that your Last  Will is valid.


Succession, Probate & Inheritance

Legal Fees Payable are Determined under the Remuneration Order

Koya & Co. handles non-contentious probate and we help our clients to file the necessary documents and attend court hearings on your behalf. Talk to us for a speedy succession process.

We also handle intestate matters before court to allow you inherit the assets of a loved one who has died without a will.


Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Fixed Legal Fees Agreed upon Depending on the Scope of Work

Koya & Co. advises clients on the use of trusts to take care of family financial needs and any other beneficiaries. We register charitable trusts as well as set up trusts and LLPs for the purposes of the care of children; the eldercare of old parents; or just to manage family investments.

We also prepare durable powers of attorney for sick and elderly clients who wish to have their business affairs and dealings in their assets legally transferred to close relatives during the pendency of any sickness.


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