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Our expertise in civil law and commercial law is backed by long term law firm experience as well as debt and PE fund experience in Sub-saharan Africa. 

We are wholly client orientated and provide top-tier legal services at competitive pricing.

Joan Mukoya, Managing Partner

practice areas

Commercial law & civil law

Law Firm for Contract Review and Drafting

Contracts are the skeleton of business and we excel at Contract Negotiations; Contract Drafting and Contract Review. 

We provide clients with innovative solutions based on your unique business requirements and our contracts are compliant with the most up to date legislation. 

We handle contracts pertaining to companies, intellectual property, loans, partnerships, investments etc. We collaborate well in negotiations with counterparties to get the best deal for our clients.

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Koya Advocates Company LAw

We provide our clients with advice on companies and other incorporated entities pertaining to Company/Legal Person Incorporation, Corporate Governance; Corporate Restructuring and Re-organisations; Regulator Licences and Sale of Corporation Assets. 

We have a unique offering called the Legal Audit offered to companies to check all aspects of legal compliance and advise our clients fully and subsequently give our clients comfort regarding their corporate existence and operations. 


Clients include inter alia hotels, renewable energy companies, agricultural and processing companies, SMEs etc. At Koya and Co. Advocates, we advise clients on  set up of Group Company Structures including affiliated entities as well as other corporate entities e.g., Saccos, EPZ, etc

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Court disputes lawyer

Litigation before all levels of courts in Kenya on Diverse Matters such as:  Employment Claims, Debt Recovery Suits, Contractual Disputes, Divorce Petitions and Child Custody Claims.

Talk to us if you are facing Enforcement Action from any regulatory authority in Kenya. Experience and expertise appearing before Regulatory Tribunals and the Tax Appeals Tribunal regarding various disputes.

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Investment Law in Kenya

Raising Debt Capital? We advise, negotiate and draft agreements relating to: Loan, Convertible, Secured and Mezzanine instruments.

Seeking Equity Financing? We draft various shareholder agreements, company constitutional documents, project finance and joint venture agreements.


We also provide Competition Law advisories and handle such matters before the Competition Authority.

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IP Law Firm Kenya

Our attorneys at law in Nairobi handle the registration of Trademarks, Technovations, Utility Models, Industial Designs and Copyrights in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We also give advice on royalties, trade names and domain names. We also draft licensing/assignment agreements pertaining to intellectual property.

We help clients seek global international protection over intellectual property via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

We also handle applications before ARIPO for intellectual property protection in Africa.

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Divorce Lawyer in Nairobi Kenya

We handle divorce litigation as well as children's custody matters.

We shall craft a solid case for you and present your divorce grounds to the court so that the court is satisfied with your divorce grounds and grants your divorce decree. We provide legal representation to both men and women. We also handle child custody suits at the Children's Court.

Also contact us to obtain legal guardianship over a child/minor.

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Conveyancing lawyer Nairobi Kenya

Whether you are looking for places to work or live, we can help. 


We advise on land purchase; tenancy agreements, mortgages, charges, industrial land finance transactions – such as sale and leaseback, etc.

Our conveyancing practice provides innovative and practical ways to avoid land disputes. 

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Employment Contracts
employment law

We help our clients to align their employment practices to local labour law and market practice. 

We advise employers on valid employee termination procedures whether termination for cause or redundancies or summary dismissals. 

We advise employees/employers on Employment Claims regarding unfair termination of employment claims and represent them before the Employment Court.


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Will writing and succession
SUCCESSION & Estate planning

We handle the Drafting of Wills; Succession Matters (Probate or letters of administration in the absence of wills).


We also advise on and set up Trusts and beneficial ownership structures (Including asset protection trusts). 

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Loan Finance in Kenya and Insolvency

Come to us whether you are considering a new financing, refinancing options, or a restructuring of debt so that our firm can anticipate your needs and those of your financing. 

We advise on innovative lending instruments based on the unique circumstances of your business. We also prepare guarantees and security agreements such as charges on receivables; other movable property and land. 

We have specialist expertise on how to navigate distressed debt; inter-lender agreements among others.

We also advise and implement innovative solutions in the area of insolvency of companies whereby insolvent companies can use insolvency laws to gain breathing room from creditors and viable ways to restructure and administer the insolvent company back to health. 

The insolvency process has useful mechanisms that debtor companies can use to gain some relief from a distressed loan book and we show our clients how.

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Work Permits and Dependants Pass Kenya

We do end-to-end transactional processing, enabling clients to obtain Work Permits, Alien Cards and Resident Permits.


Speak to us for advice on contracts for expatriates whether consultancy or employment contracts. We also advise expatriates on income tax liability in Kenya.

We represent clients in disputes before the immigration department and prepare citizenship applications for lodging.


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